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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  January 31, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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we go again. another system pushing through the area and this one could be packing and i see a bunch -- an icy punch. it might be giving us some issues by the time the morning commute comes around. >> we have already seen little bits of sprinkles and sleek with hb doppler -- sleet with hd doppler. precipitation not that significant, but you can see how it is light and scattered. temperatures are a little bit warmer, so a mixed that of -- bit of sleet and rain. it is expected to remain light overnight. temperatures are in the 20s all around the beltway. even a little bit of light
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precipitation falling into these temperatures will cause some icy patches. the winter advisory is in effect. more details on how much ice and snow we can expect with the seven-day forecast in a couple of minutes. >> the storms created a traffic nightmare. officials have been working hard for tomorrow morning's commute. we try to stay off the roads as much as possible. it is preparing for more widespread outages. >> we have heavy, wet snow that is on tree limbs. we have the potential for ice and freezing rain that could be a recipe for future outages. >> don't assume that they already know, make sure that you personally called to report the
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outage. you could wake up an extra half hour early and we will get going out four-o'clock 30 with the latest on conditions and cancellations tomorrow morning at 4:30. to the other big story tonight, an ex-teacher found dead in her car. friends and family gathered in her memory. >> my mother was a diamond in the rough. they come along once in a lifetime. >> surrounded by hundreds of people touched by the 63-year- old woman's life. they prayed and wept for the teacher described as a selfless, dedicated, to whoever of and whenever she could. >> this is my song ♪
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>> she said i got hurt -- your back no matter what. >> it hurts us to the bottom of our hearts. that someone would do something to such a nice and loving woman. >> police discovered the body on friday morning. she was found shot in the chest. she was last seen three hours earlier just a couple of miles away. they believe the killer was in the car with her and forced her to drive to the parking lot. the motive appears to be robbery. what temps you to do what you did. but turned herself in. we need closure. -- turn yourself in.
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if he needed money, you could have just ask and she would have given it to you. >> wbal tv 11 news. >> over the weekend, a cat was set on fire. this video is disturbing. she has third and fourth degree burns on her ears. police say she was set on fire in northwest baltimore. witnesses say a juvenile drenched the cat with lighter fluid. >> >> an individual was arrested almost immediately after the accident.
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they have the tendency to escalate as the individuals get older. >> she will remain in treatment until she is ready to be adopted. b-17-year-old are charged with animal cruelty. -- b-17-year-old -- the 17- year-olds are charged with animal cruelty. she waited to tell police what she saw until more reward money was offered. some changes are coming to baltimore city's council district. the may are released a preliminary plan for redistricting. the new plan should be hammered out by sometime in mid february. >> every 10 years, we have to redistrict the numbers.
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>> they hope to unite neighborhoods that have been divided under the current plan. >> they will have to cross police and firefighter picket lines. the unions as well as the fire officers union are planning to protest of the conference. the response to the recent policy decision includes changes to pensions, reductions, and furloughs. there is no comment from the mayor's office. as protests continue, the exodus is under way. thousands of foreigners are leaving egypt. countries around the world have brought citizens, tourists, and diplomats home. >> i am so relieved. i feel that it is definitely getting more --
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the colleagues could smell the tear-gas. >> officials are closely watching the situation in egypt, fearing the country could end up with a radical regime and not unlike iran. the instability in egypt which comprises over $92 a barrel today. the 11 news reporter joins us with how the fallout is already >> it has the potential to slow down america's economic recovery. >> gas prices are hovering 40 cents above last winter's average. although egypt is not a major oil-producing nation, roughly 2
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million barrels of oil pass through the control and out every day. >> there is the possibility that it could impact the suez canal. >> which would impact shipping and the cost of goods. you see a spike in inflation, and it obviously has an impact on the u.s. consumer. >> there are concerns that it will spill over to other oil producing countries. >> it will put the united states and the european allies in a quandary as to how to deal with this. stocks rebounded when the protests intensified. as long as america remains
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dependent on foreign oil, there is no way to disentangle the economy from the events playing out. >> it is going to be the long term conversion of the united states energy policy from fossil fuels largely imported into more renewable fuels that have generated domestically. >> the stock market remains closed, and they have suspended production in the country. >> does opec plan to boost production? >> they don't have immediate plans to boost output because there is not a shortage. if it impacts supply, it could change. >> they remain closed for a third day today. the closures are becoming a problem for people that have
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little access to money. several international rating agencies have downgraded the credit due to the political unrest. families have been holding their breath worried about the ongoing chaos. a young man has had difficulty getting in touch with his loved ones. >> the images are unsettling. and thousands of miles away. the images are close to his heart. the egyptians didn't still has grandparents and cousins over there. he is paying close attention. it is pretty chaotic outside. >> he has not been able to reach his cousins because the authorities have cut off internet and cellular phone
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access. he has been able to speak once with his grandparents. >> migrant parents have to wake up early to get some food in the morning -- my grandparents have to wake up early to get some food in the morning. they don't have anybody to protect them right now. >> it is the christian church in egypt. worshipers will be fasting and praying for the next three days in hopes that the situation improves. despite the unrest, the uprising might be good for americans to realize what we have and good for egyptians. >> after having a government that might be correct. -- corrupt. >> wbal tv 11 news.
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>> archaeologists are around the world watched as looters destroyed and defiled some of egypt's priceless artifacts at the museum. two mummies were damaged. they were beheaded. >> it is one of the most significant collections in the world. >> of the antiquities chief believed that they were looking for gold and says that the museum is safe. they are now closed to visitors. you can check out more video and photos by logging on to our web site, stay with us for the latest. we have an update we brought you as breaking news. the woman trapped in a car is expected to be ok. it happened shortly before 6:30.
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another update for you, this one from the i team. she claims to be a victim of a home invasion. she is facing much larger problems. we have more on this case from the federal courthouse. >> i heard the gunshots. >> her husband was shot three times. part of a terrifying night. the man who fired on her husband also struck her and duct-taped her mouth and hands. tanya and her husband have been moved from victims to
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suspects. on drug posession. >> she was not engaged in or even aware of anything ellis said. -- illicit. >> in large-scale heroin distribution ring was distributing a kilo a week. the investigation captured a text who was filing court papers. be sure to put your a drug dealer. she warned him about messing with her and threatened to let all their -- lay it all bare. >> she was released. if they concur with a single bit of drugs, having possessed, distributed, received, she would not have been released.
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>> they have stopped allowing her to see her husband as they recover. is there connection between the home invasion robbery and the drug charges? >> at that time, they were suspects. there is a connection between an allegation of drug trafficking. >> and his attorney argued for his release from detention citing health concerns. the judge decided to detain him, calling him a danger to the community. >> the federal government has released new guidelines on what
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americans should and should not be eating. we have more on tonight's medical alert. >> it is not responsible for most of the sodium. it is hidden inside most of the food we eat at restaurants. a specially bred and items we don't think of as salty. >> even the breakfast bars are really grain-based desserts. >> those with high blood pressure and diabetes, african- americans of all ages, and anyone over the age of 51 should limit their intake. the average american consumes 3400. it will require a lot of little reading and scrutiny over menus to find the lowest sodium option. it will take practice to get the taste buds on board. >> in the sense of taste develops with time.
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you'll get used to it pretty quickly. >> the guidelines are aimed at huffington -- and helping consumers burn more calories. it is not to count every calorie, but to make every calorie count. >> don't add more fat and sugar to it. >> the expert hopes it becomes common practice. >> some other recommendations include switching to fat-free or low-fat dairy. fruits and vegetables should make up half of a typical dinner plates. half of the grains that we eat should be whole grains. an updated version is expected to be released later this year. the winter weather gripping much of the nation with a massive storm pushing east. relief does not appear to be in
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sight. the temperatures have went chills below zero. even as many cities and towns continue to dig out of last week's storm. and where does all of the snow and up? -- end up? >> the big apple. looking more like a big snow globe these days. new york city has received twice the average snowfall with people working overtime to clear the streets. people throughout the northeast are facing the same dilemma. >> it is hard because it is not just the amount of snow, it is the frequency of the storm. >> they are designated snow farms. >> we can identify the land that we can put it in. >> all of the snow removal is
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adding up fast. >> they spent 2/3 of the snow budget. new york city has gone through its annual budget, clearing 56 inches of snow. even atlanta has spent $9 million of the $10 million budget. new york city is literally burning through its budget. >> we do over 240 gallons a minute. it is cleaned up. >> officials are getting creative. >> it is really a brine solution. >> a move that saved the county $47 per ton. >> wbal tv 11 news.
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>> now, your forecast. >> a little bit of light snow moving across the area already. it looks like the precipitation will remain relatively light. we're only talking about total precipitation. that is the good news. trekking through baltimore and hartford county, parts of delaware. just a little bit of light precipitation where it changes more to a sleek-freezing rain mixture -- sleet-freezing rain mixture. the almanac to verify that. it hasn't even been measurable. temperatures are much cooler than normal. a lot oft take
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precipitation when the temperatures are this cold. around 30 down town, the on the spot and maryland, the lower eastern shore. we are above freezing and could stay that way overnight. the rest of the state on the eastern shore is back into the mountains under a winter weather advisory. it looks like a mixed bag of sleet and freezing rain. it will be cloudy with periods of drizzle though the ev ening rush hour. snow is not the big problem here. it is more this problem, with the patches of ice are likely to accumulate a bit on tree branches and power lines. much of the baltimore area and the upper in the eastern shore.
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-- upper eastern shore. be very careful unhookon por porches, sidewalks, and driveways. some areas south of baltimore might be able to warm up a little bit. the blizzard warnings is where the heavy part of the storm will be as the storm tracks west of the mountains toward the great lakes. snowfall amounts will be over 1 foot. we will be on the southern edge of that. it is more of the ice that we are concerned with. it looks like wednesday morning will be arraigned before the system finally pulls out wednesday afternoon. tapering off to rain showers,
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sunshine thursday and another saturday. >> the ravens appear to open negotiations to reshape the offensive line. >> hi, this is the lottery drawing. the estimated jackpot is $550,000. the multimatch numbers are 1, 43, 34, 37, 24, and 29.
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if nobody matches all six numbers on any line, the jackpot becomes $575,000. the next drawing is at 11:22 on thursday night. let yoruself
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♪ i may be mud, but i have standards. mops? please. some of them have bacteria. ♪ and they try to pick me up? ew.
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i'm really hard to get. uh! ♪ what about love?! [ male announcer ] swiffer attracts dirt. used mops can grow bacteria. swiffer wetjet's antibacterial solution eliminates 99.9% of bacteria that mops can spread around. i like your pad! [ male announcer ] swiffer cleans better than a mop or your money back. >> the ravens will address their
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offensive line with contract talks. according to the nfl network, the ravens will meet with the agent on wednesday. the current uncertain labor situation in the nfl makes his status unclear as either an unrestricted free agent or a restricted free agent. if the raven's can reach a deal, none of it will matter. it will allow the ravens to move mike back to right tackle. it could impact the entire offensive line. troy palomalu's sack, she continues to reap the benefits of the play. he is the defensive player of the year. he essentially won the division
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and gave pittsburgh instead of the ravens the by week. steelers are arrived in dallas today. pretty easy despite --to spot. the steelers will play in their first super bowl in six seasons on sunday. the packers also arrived in dallas today because of the cold weather. they will have to shift the practice to an indoor facility. to join the ranks of vince lombardi who won both sueprbowl -- superbowls, the packers have to beat the team he grew up rooting for. >> it is very personal from that standpoint.
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just the way they have always operated, growing up in pittsburgh is a big part of who i am. i am here to claim the trophy. >> be basketball team trying to get on a roll. the bears push to third place with a close one at home. working outside, from the top of the arc. a back and forth game. austin nailing the three. 15 tonight, they needed all of his points.
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